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Elam Sees Team Chemistry Improve

Elam Sees Team Chemistry Improve

Sometimes Matt Elam looks back at last season and wonders when it all went wrong. Talent wasn't the issue, but the Gators still lost five games in 2011. It was the division between the freshman and the rest of the team that caused problems. There is plenty of fault to go around for what happened, but the sophomores are now working hard to make sure it doesn't happen again.

From the first few days the freshmen class showed up on campus last summer, the divide was noticeable. The older players had paid their dues at Florida and won national championship. That seemed to give them a sense of entitlement that only escalated when hearing about how highly ranked the incoming class of freshmen were. The freshmen, admittedly so, had the same sense of entitlement. They knew... Recommended Stories

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