Boynton Wants next Step for the Gators

Boynton worked on his shot this offseason

It is all about not being satisfied. Florida junior guard Kenny Boynton was happy to get to the Elite Eight a season ago, but not happy for his season to end there. The Gators have been working to make this a better season in 2011-2012 and Boynton himself has been putting in the work to try to make that happen. He talked to the media at Media Day last week and we have some of that right here.

Kenny Boynton knows that the guards at Florida have to step up and make a difference this season. With the losses in the front court, Florida will lean on Boynton and the "little" guys to make things happen.

At media Day last week, Boynton talked about his off-season workouts to improve his shot and how he approached it different this time around. He also talked about the addition of superstar freshman Brad Beal to the lineup and what Beal brings to the table. Boynton also disclose how it has eaten at him and his teammates at just how close they were to taking the last couple of steps a year ago. They want to do that this year.

We have a few minutes of Boynton talking to the media last week, right here. Recommended Stories