Young Will Have a New Look

Young lost the vision in his left eye during game

Patric Young was kidding about having some Horace Grant goggles flown in for practice on Wednesday but the big man was serious about actually needing the protective eye wear. Scratched in the eye Monday night against Wright State, Young lost the vision in that eye for a time during the game, but came back when he thought his team needed his inside presence. Young talks about that and more.

Patric Young should have a new look when he takes the floor against Jacksonville Friday night. The sophomore may steam up his goggles when he thinks about the loss the Gators faced at the hands of the Dolphins a year ago. The Jacksonville native took quite a bit of ribbing from the incident last holiday season and talks about it here.

The Gators should be back at full force in the front court with Young back and sophomore Will Yeguete even healthier since his concussion last week. Young talks about having the full compliment of inside players as well as gives a self-evaluation from this early season.

he starts by talking about the goggles... Recommended Stories

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