Walker and Beal Talk After Loss

Beal had a special freshman season

The Florida Gators were hot in the first half as they blistered Louisville's zone defense, but a change on defense in the second half saw the Cardinals whittle away a 12 point lead and eventually beat the underdog Gators in Phoenix for the right to play in the NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four. It was a tough emotional loss for the Gators who talked to the media after the game and we have it here.

Florida guards Brad Beal and Erving Walker talk to the media after the game and here is a transcript and video of the event.

Q. Your last three pointer came up short, Kenny's last couple came up short. Was there tired legs on some of those shots?

Bradley BEAL: To an extent, but we've been playing 30 plus minutes every game, so that's really not an excuse, we just didn't knock them down.

Q. Did it look like a goal tend on that drive and what were your thoughts about you got blocked a few times by Dieng, what impact did he have?

BRADLEY BEAL: He was a huge impact. You can argue that there were goal tends. We can't say anything about them. The ref made a good call. He blocked the shot, he blocked the shot, we had to keep playing ball.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about just explaining how this could happen again, as far as losing a late lead for the second straight year and also just reflect on your career and your accomplishments now that it's over?

ERVING WALKER: It feels terrible. I mean, we had a lead, we gave it up late. We just didn't make shots and didn't defend them. And they were able to get down the lane and make big plays, Russell Smith and the rest of those guys.
I had a great four years. I had the best four years of my life.

Q. Does the way the season ended impact your decision making as to what you're going to do next year, the fact that you came up short on the Final Four?

BRADLEY BEAL: I'm really not focusing on next year right now. I'm just still affected by this loss right now. I just want to bond with the team still. We had a tough loss. I'm not thinking about the future right now.

Q. Could you just discuss the changes Louisville made defensively, why it made it so tough for you guys the second half?

ERVING WALKER: They switched their man and their guys did a great job switching. We feel like we had some good looks and we just didn't knock them down down the stretch.
BRADLEY BEAL: I agree. We were doing pretty good against the match up zone and when they switched to man, that affected us a little bit. They ended up switching, which made it tough for us to score and get open 3's. We couldn't find another way to score.

Q. Can you guys just talk about how far you guys did come, not too many Florida teams have made it to the Elite 8. I know it's tough. But can you reflect on the journey you made to get to this point?

ERVING WALKER: Definitely we had a good journey. We're disappointed that it had to end right here. But when you reflect back later on you realize that we did a great thing about making it to the Elite 8.
BRADLEY BEAL: I agree. It was a tough journey for us, I think we stuck with it and we played together as a team. We got this far. I'm real proud of our guys. It's just unfortunate we ended up losing today.

Q. Could you talk about the travel call. Did you guys feel he was bumped or what did you see from your points of view?

BRADLEY BEAL: I just came I just had bad footing. I traveled. I traveled. But he may have bumped me, but whatever, but I still had to be strong with the ball and be more careful in those situations.

Q. There's a lot of talent coming back to this team next year, regardless of a couple of decisions that will be made. Where do you see this program continuing to go from here with some of the guys that seem like certainly are coming back?

ERVING WALKER: I think this program is still on the uprise. I think they have a lot of great players. And I think Coach Donovan will continue to do a great job and I think they'll get to the Final Four next year.

Q. Was there a point there where you guys kind of could feel things slipping away, and what was the conversation when they started to make their run? You talked about how they were unable to stop them the way they were driving in the lane.

ERVING WALKER: Definitely. We knew they were going to make a run at some point, they're a great team, Louisville. We thought we had control of it and we thought we'd be able to keep them at bay. But they continued to make plays and took the lead.
BRADLEY BEAL: Same with Erv. Towards the end of the stretch they did a great job of just getting down the lane and finishing. They got a lot of fouls called on us, which put them in good situations for one on one situations and things like that. They did a great job of taking care of the ball and finishing plays.

Q. Can you talk about what the locker room is like after that game? I know everybody was devastated.

ERVING WALKER: I don't know any other way to put it, but everyone was devastated and we all hurt.

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