Gator Great: Matthews Talks Nease and UF

Shane Matthews made his name legendary among Gators fans in the early part of the nineties. He led his Florida team to the first ever SEC title that the school was allowed to officially recognize, along with a 1990 season where the Gators finished first in the SEC and not allowed to win the title. Matthews now coaches Nease HS in Ponte Vedra and talks about that and his Florida Gators.

Matthews has a little work cut out for him at Nease and knows he may have to adapt to his personnel in the early stages of being a head coach. A guy that has been tutored in the NFL, college, and the high school ranks as an assistant, Matthews is looking forward to the challenge at Nease and talks about that in this video segment.

Not one to mince words, Matthews is fond of his time at Florida and also tells the Gator nation that the Gators have the best foot ball staff they have ever had from top to bottom with Will Muschamp and his crew.

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