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Florida Defense Using Unique Preparation

Florida Defense Using Unique Preparation

The Florida film study is unique as the Gators prepare to open SEC play at Texas A&M. It's impossible to plug in a tape and analyze the game. It's a lot of changing from one film to another. That's the problem with preparing for a new coaching staff in its first game at a school. The Gators watch Texas A&M film from last year to see the personnel, but they flip to Houston film to watch the scheme.

"You can watch some of last year's Texas A&M to get a little feel for the personnel," Florida defensive coordinator Dan Quinn said. "That can only go so far. I'd like to look to see what his speed is like and that kind of thing. The scheme standpoint is different. You have this balance of, I'd like to know who the opponent is, but at the same time know what the scheme is. That's the challenge for... Recommended Stories

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