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What to think about these Gators?

Christy exceded expectations like several others

It should be easy. Embracing a top 10 and 10-1 team should be as easy as saying yes to a date with the cheerleader captain. Certainly nothing this group of Gators has done off the field or character wise would lead any fan of the Florida Gators not to root them on, but all of that and in the top six of the BCS with only one game left on the schedule, and Florida Gator fans are probably confused.

Oh they cheer. They want them to win, no doubt. But this group of cardiac kids is just maddening in the way they play up or down to their competition. Saturday was much of the same for this Florida unit. A defense that dominates most everyone it plays did so for most of the game and managed a shutout after two missed short field goals. An offense that has been desperate for anything positive in... Recommended Stories

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