Daub's new top five

Daub's new top five

Former LSU commitment Kain Daub had been taking a hard look at Alabama, but now he's decided to take a step back. The 2014 linebacker has a new top five. Get the latest right here.

"My top five right now are LSU, Alabama, Florida, USC, and Oregon. There's no order, they're just all the same," said Kain Daub.

After committing to LSU, The 6-foot-3, 230-pound linebacker decided to open his recruitment back up, mainly because his close friend and teammate, Demarcus Walker, was committed to Alabama and had been giving him an earful. Both Daub and Walker were unhappy with the move of Coach Jeremy Pruitt from Alabama to FSU and Walker is now enrolled at FSU. Daub is taking a step back too.

"We both really didn't like the Coach Pruitt move too much. My decision definitely changed a lot ever since Coach Pruitt left," he said.

"He knows how to talk to kids, he just can relate to any kid and he's just a funny guy. Everyone else there is more uptight, and it's nothing against them, but they just don't joke around with the recruits as much as Coach Pruitt does."

The Sandalwood (Jacksonville, FL) standout plans to spend plenty of time at all of his top five schools before making another decision.

"I'll go to LSU's junior day, Alabama's junior day, Florida's junior day, and then I'll camp at USC and Oregon over summer," he said.

"I'm probably going to try to wait this one out to at least next year's season or maybe when I play in the Under Armour Game next year. If I can wait that long."

The four-star linebacker says he's not too concerned about the type of defense his school of choice will run, he feels confident he can fit in. There are a few other big deciding factors for him.

"(I'm looking for) good academics, a good program. I really don't mind if I play in the 4-3 scheme or the 3-4 scheme, and the players, the town, just stuff like that," Daub said.

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