Rosario and Murphy talk of big win


Seniors Mike Rosario and Erik Murphy outscored the entire Minnesota team at halftime. The game changed quickly in the second half, but the barrage of points the two laid out on the line allowed Florida to leave with a convincing victory over Big-10 stalwart Minnesota. The two talked a great deal with the media following the 78-64 victory that propelled them into the Sweet-16.

Rosario and Murphy took questions from the national media covering Florida at the event.

Q. Mike, can you talk about all the confrontation that went into a night like this, and is this the way Billy has wanted you to play from the time you got to Florida?
Mike Rosario:
Like I told coach and the guys, it's a very emotional moment for me because two, three years ago I wasn't in this situation and now being with this program and being under coach and with a good group of guys, it's a great experience.
The message that coach gave us and gave me personally is, you got to go out there and compete. And that's the one thing that my teammates understand and especially down in the stretch. In the second half there, I thought that we dug deep. We expected the other team to make a run, because if you're down in the second half, by 14, 15 points, and you have your coach getting on your guys at halftime, your guys are going to respond.
So I thought that Minnesota did a great job at that. But I commend coach and my teammates and Scottie Wilbekin and the rest of the guys finding me when I was open. And I was knocking down shots. I thought we did a great job just responding to the situation and just taking it and running with it.

Q. Mike, can you talk about when they did cut it to seven. You and Scotty hitting those back to back threes. How big that was?
Those are some big shots. The one thing that coach talked to me before I transferred here, he said you're putting yourself in big moments and big games, and just being in this big situation like that. I really took full advantage of it tonight and I told myself, if I'm open, I'm going to knock down the shot. And I commend Scotty for finding me the whole game, basically.
I just told myself, I can't let my guys down. Because I was beating myself up about the first performance that I had in the first game and I just thought that I didn't bring that full Mike Rosario for the first game, and I just felt like that I had to come out in the second game and really be on edge and help my team in every way possible to win this game.

Q. Erik, the experience you guys have on your team, how important was that in weathering that Storm that coach talked about?
Erik Murphy:
That was a big factor. We have been in a lot of tough situations this year and in the past too. And obviously this year in handling it. But today when it got close, we really stepped up as team and came together and just did our jobs collectively as group and got the job done.

Q. Mike, did you feel like you were looking to score? Did it kind of come naturally and the shots just kind of open up and the opportunities?
I wasn't really looking to score. I just felt that I was put in the right situation at the right time and I told myself I'm not going to hesitate. That's the one thing that coach told us going into this game, leave it out there, leave it all on the floor. I felt that every time I have an open look at it, I'm going to take it. They were falling tonight.

Q. Erik, Scotty said in the locker room that there was some point after you got your fourth foul and picked it up you kind of gathered the team on the side in one of those timeouts and can you just kind of relate what that message was to them?
Yeah, it was tough because I almost felt like trapped a little bit in the second half. I felt I was watching the whole game happen and I couldn't because of fouls, the situation I put myself in, but I just gathered the guys and said, we just got to get the job done right now. We got to come together, we got to play possession by possession and just do our best to eliminate easy things for them and play well on offense and just get easy shots for us.

Q. Mike, could you talk about your first game and what shortcomings you had. I know you didn't play the minutes, but.
I just felt that in the first game I wasn't on edge and coach expects a lot out of me, being a fifth year senior. I just felt that coming into that first game I wasn't doing my job. Everybody has a job on the team to do and that's something that coach teaches us every day in practice and every game. If you have every guy on the same page, doing their job, that's how you have great teams. I felt that I let my team down by not doing that the first game. So I was beating myself up about it and I was happy to come out today and get the job done.

Q. Mike, you guys are going to Dallas, going to face Florida Gulf Coast, what do you know about those guys?
Right now we don't know too much about those guys because we're so locked in on ourselves and what's going on with the Gators. But I'm sure that coach will breakdown the next opponent to us and we're going to sit there and just listen to the things that coach has to tell us about our next opponent and make sure we're on edge.

Q. For Erik, first time in school history that Florida's been to three straight Sweet 16, you've been a part of all those teams. What do you think that says about staying with the program and your teammates?
It's something special to be part of that and the program's special. We all really care about each other and when we when there's a group of guys that really cares about each other they can accomplish special things.
Even before the first Sweet 16, when I was younger, we had guys ahead of us that paved the way for us and showed us what it took. They gave us that sense of camaraderie. I think it just speaks to coach and what he's done with the program. That's how he is. And then that feeds into us and that's how we become. Recommended Stories