Nationally-ranked receiver 'halfway there'

Kd Cannon, No. 6 WR

In order to reach one's full potential you must first tap into the traits that can get you there. For the nation's sixth-ranked receiver Kd Cannon, it was with the help and mentorship of Mount Pleasant offensive coordinator and receivers coach Eddie Milner, whose persistence with Cannon is starting to pay dividends. But his work is not yet done.

Profile: Kd Cannon
High School: Mount Pleasant (TX) High School
Class: 2014
Position: WR
Size: 6'0/165

"When he was a sophomore on varsity, he was probably 5'10, didn't weigh but 140 pounds," recalled Mount Pleasant head football coach Mart Graham. "He wasn't all that strong. He could run and he had great ball skills, but the better teams could throw a corner in his face and re-route him all day."

"It drove him nuts."

Still, Cannon took 61 catches for 1,004 yards and ten touchdowns that season, turning the heads of dozens of college programs across the country. But it wasn't enough as the Tigers finished 3-7.

"It was that offseason that he decided to get serious," Graham noted. "He got real serious in the weighroom. He now stands at 6-foot, almost 6'1, 165 pounds and has gone from 185 to 285 on bench. He's just so strong. And I think that's still deceptive to a lot of people. They know he has the speed and the quickness, but they don't realize just how strong Kd Cannon is. He can out-jump you, out-fight you for that ball in the air. He will bully his way past you. He has finally tapped into using his body."

"All it took was a swift kick in the behind from me and his dad," Milner laughed. "We saw the talent, we saw the receiver he could be. It was just a matter of him wanting to be that receiver."

Cannon followed that sophomore season with a breakout junior year that saw 41 more catches for 1,600 yards and 26 scores to lead the Tigers to a 8-2 record and their first postseason appearance since 2007, where they fell to Wylie in the Texas Class 4A-II opening round.

Compared to guys like Hall-of-Famer Michael Irvin and current NFL-ers Tavon Austin and A.J. Green, Cannon brings a pair of the best hands in high school football today, and possesses 20-plus offers from nearly every power conference. He narrowed his list Monday to a Top 12 of "Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas Tech, TCU, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, Miami, Texas A&M, Florida State and Florida."

"You always want to go to school that has a background of putting out good receivers in the NFL," said Cannon, mentioning he would like to make all five of his official visits this fall before making a decision. He will decide those five following summer visits. As of now, Cannon plans to attend the camps of Baylor, Texas Tech and Texas. Milner guesses he will commit somewhere after the season.

"In the end, he wants a program that wins and throws the ball around. Point blank. If you do both of those things, you got a shot," said Milner. Relationship with receivers coaches will also play largely.

All in all, said Milner, "Kd Cannon's come a long way. But he's only halfway there."

More on his progression and recruitment in this FOXSportsNEXT video feature...

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