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Another Percy at Kentucky? Check inside

Quarterback Maxwell Smith

Publisher Jeff Drummond of took time to answer several questions from the subscribers here at The Wildcats are trying to get past a 26 game losing streak to the Gators and with the adversity that Florida has faced this week, Kentucky is primed to make a game of it. New head coach Mark Stoops has the fans fired up, here is what Drummond says about the Wildcats.

Q. How do the players handle a 26 game losing streak to another team? will they be trying to build on ending UT's streak v UK? Jeff Drummond: "This one is an interesting situation. It's always a big topic of conversation among fans and media, but the players are seldom aware of it until it's brought to their attention. That is popping up a bit this week, but they're not really giving it much... Recommended Stories