Scouting Number 1 for 2015

Martez Ivey

Director of Scouting Scott Kennedy takes a look at Martez Ivey, the No. 1 prospect in the Class of 2015.

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Martez Ivey (6'5/280) of Apopka High School in Florida was recently named the No. 1 overall prospect in the Class of 2015 by Scout.

When talking about a player capable of being the No. 1 in the country, one talks in a lot of superlatives, and there are a lot of superlatives to Ivey's game.

At 6'5 and 280 pounds, Ivey has ready for college size while he still is only half way through his junior year of high school. He'll easily tip the scales at 300 pounds by August of 2015 when he's expected to be playing for his chosen college.

However, Ivey doesn't look like he's 280, and he certainly doesn't move like he's 280. He plays the game at the same stage a lot like former No. 1 offensive lineman Tyron Smith who went to USC and was the first offensive lineman taken in the NFL draft in 2011 by the Dallas Cowboys. Smith looked like a tight end playing offensive tackle, and Ivey has the same lean frame to him. The difference? Smith played as a senior in the neighborhood of 250 pounds. Ivey is already 280. Ivey is where Smith was as a sophomore at USC.

Ivey is only going to get bigger and stronger, and his size and strength are already a plus. He's incredibly flexible and has no trouble getting low to drive block smaller, stouter defensive linemen. He's athletic enough that he's often asked to pull from his backside tackle position and can be seen escorting the Apopka running backs 50 yards downfield on touchdown runs. Yes, 50.

Ivey has long arms and uses his hands well. He's got a good drop step and sets well for pass protection. He's as quick as many of the ends and can engulf a bull rush while easily steering a speed rusher around the edge.

Here is a look at Ivey's junior highlights. He's a one play offer type of kid. Schools will only need to see one play before offering him a scholarship. Recommended Stories

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