RECRUITING: A look at Derek Shaw, QB

RECRUITING: A look at  Derek Shaw, QB

Oceanside High School quarterback Derek Shaw is riding a wave. A wave that he had a large hand in creating himself. The 6'4 215 Californian had six weeks to learn the offense after transferring from Marietta High School. He chalked up some impressive numbers throwing for over 2000 yards and 24 touchdowns, while only throwing 10 interceptions. The new kid in town felt he needed a little exposure, so he did something about it.

"After the season, my junior year, I made a highlight film. I would go to the coaches office and make a highlight film, then I took it to this film place and they made a bunch of them for me, probably forty or so colleges." Shaw's efforts have paid off. To date he has received over 40 offers from coaches around the country, including USC and UCLA.

Spending most of his life in Texas, Shaw says that the local schools really don't have an edge in keeping him in California. With no real favorite, even Florida is a viable option. "I've heard a lot of great things about Florida. And I know they're big time football. I actually think that the Florida schools probably play the most big time football. I'd like to take a visit there."

Mark McLeod: You've got to be looking forward to a little home cooking. In the past few weeks, you've been to a few quarterback camps and to the SC camp?

Derek Shaw: "(laughs) Yeah. I have. I went to the Jacinto State Passing Camp and tomorrow I'm going to the North County Passing League Tournament."

Mark McLeod: It looks as though you're really starting to get a lot of attention. Is this something that is just getting rolling or has this really developed since your junior year?

Derek Shaw: "It's all of a sudden. It's just started happening. I wasn't expecting it. I just sent out some film to try and get a little interest and it just started happening. I ended up getting 30 offers"

Mark McLeod: Who did you send film too? Did you have a list of schools that you narrowed down or did you just kind of get some film out there in mass?

Derek Shaw: "Just everywhere. I just tried to make as many as I could possibly make. After the season, my junior year, I made a highlight film. I would go to the coaches office and make a highlight film, then I took it to this film place and they made a bunch of them for me, probably forty or so colleges. I really sent the film to the schools that I knew about, the big schools. The ones that I knew about"

Mark McLeod: A lot of great quarterbacks have come out of the Southeastern Conference. Is there a situation where you could see yourself playing in the SEC? And do you know much about the conference?

Derek Shaw: "Yeah, I could see myself playing there. I don't really know too much about the conference. All of the stuff that I've heard is really good. I'm really interested. I want to play big time ball too."

Mark McLeod: Is there a system or particular conference that you align yourself too?

Derek Shaw: "I want to get into a pro type offense, because I want to go and play in the pros. They look for quarterbacks who have played in that type of system and are used to playing in that type of system. I'm looking into that. I know that I'm drop back, pocket passer. I really good at getting away from guys and throwing the ball downfield"

Mark McLeod: How much has your grandfather, Dick Enright, helped in your development? Does he have film for you to watch?

Derek Shaw: " A lot actually. I've learned a ton about football from my grandfather. He's been there for me my entire life. He's been my father figure and has shared a lot about football with me. I've also learned a ton from Coach Carroll. My grandpa coached me in Pop Warner and he was the line coach at Marietta, where I used to play. But, he didn't want to coach this year. But, yeah I learned a ton from my grandpa. I watched Todd Marinovich. He trained me since I was little. I've watched some of his films. (Enright has coached at every level, including the likes of Dan Fouts and Todd Marinovich. He has also coached at Oregon)

Mark McLeod: The Pac 10 has been solid, but not exactly a leader in college football powerhouses the past few years. But, Pete Carroll and SC certainly energized the conference with their title. Has that gotten the attention of seniors in the California high school ranks?

Derek Shaw: "I'm not sure. I know that USC is pretty well liked around here. I know that it's not a college town. You know? They have the Lakers and Dodgers. Everybody is not focused on just USC. A lot of guys want to go there, but I'm not sure if I want to go there."

Mark McLeod: Are you looking for college town atmosphere or am I reading too much into that?

Derek Shaw: "I don't know. I'm actually not sure. I was expecting to narrow the list of schools down, but I really haven't had time. I've been focused on my team and going to summer school. I've hardly been home. I'm staying in Oceanside now. I really haven't has time to think about that now. I've received a lot of mail and I'd like to start calling some of the coaches back, but I just haven't had the chance."

Mark McLeod: I didn't see many shotgun formations. How comfortable are in the shotgun vs under center? What would the breakdown be at Oceanside?

Derek Shaw: "We didn't run a lot of plays that we would normally run. I had just transferred and because I had to learn the offense in six weeks, and I wasn't familiar with it, so we just didn't run the entire offense. Now, I've got it down and I'm comfortable with it. We're going to run more shotgun this year."

Mark McLeod: When you slide out of the pocket or on a roll, and release the ball, you really remind me of Dan Marino. Is he somebody that you've watched on tape?

Derek Shaw: "Actually, a lot of people have told me that I have a quick release like Dan Marino. My coach at Oceanside, right after I transferred there, would film me to see if I was using the proper mechanics. He would have to slow the film down because he said that my release was so quick. He said that I have an amazingly quick delivery. It's definitely one of my main assets. Also, I like the pocket, (it's) my friend (laughs)."

Mark McLeod: You have a teammate in Roberto Wallace that would make somebody a fine receiver/tight end at the college level.

Derek Shaw: "Yeah, he's probably about 6'5. He's got the most ripped body. It's unreal. I've never seen anybody like that. He's in incredible shape. He's working on his speed and learns real fast. He's a strong guy. It's actually kind of amazing. He didn't get the ball much last year because of Marcus Montgomery. But, he'll get the ball a lot this year."

Mark McLeod: I understand that you have Florida pretty high on your list. What about Florida intrigues you the most?

Derek Shaw: "I've heard a lot of great things about Florida. And I know they're big time football. I actually think that the Florida schools probably play the most big time football. That's what I've been hearing. I don't really know about too many schools, but they've had tons of quarterbacks go to the pros, and I really want to go to the pros. I'd like to take a visit there."

Make sure you catch his highlight videos in his profile above. He looks reminds us a lot of Dan Marino via his quick release and the way he moves around in the backfield to look for an open receiver. Recommended Stories

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