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Hollywood Bob's In-Depth Scrimmage #2 Report

<b>WHAT'S NEW:</b> The chain gang was painful to watch. Mike McIntosh, Terrance Holmes, Branden Daniel, and Ronnie Wilson were all walking stadiums today for the entire first half of practice. The kicker was they were carrying heavy objects like a large rock, a large chain, or sand bags the entire time. It doesn't pay to be injured around here these days. You don't get a day off…

Junior Day is new and huge for UF this time... Larry Vettel said it was definitely the most high school junior football players in attendance in over 20 years for a spring practice…Jarvis Moss and Jeremy Mincey showed off a little at linebacker when the defense went to a three down lineman set. This was in a third and long passing situation. THINGS I LIKED: It is just fun to watch Coach (Steve... Recommended Stories

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