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PART I: Vettel 1-On-1 With Kyle Jackson

Kyle Jackson to have an impact season

As the start of fall practice draws near the members of the 2005 Florida football team simply can't wait to get after it. Recently I sat down with a guy who I think will be a star this fall, sophomore safety Kyle Jackson for what will be a two-part story. Today, we talk about the team, adjusting to Coach Urban Meyer, the fear factor among the guys regarding the need to stay out of trouble and more.

LARRY VETTEL: Kyle, how eager are you and the rest of your teammates to get going this fall? KYLE JACKSON: I'm just like everyone else … we're looking forward to the season and kinda ready to get into camp, start learning these plays and get ready for the season. LV: This is your first off-season with this coaching staff … what has the transition been like? What is most different from a year ago... Recommended Stories

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