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Todd McCullough: This Is A Huge Game

Todd McCullough: This Is A Huge Game

Everyone wants to call Saturday night's matchup in The Swamp with Tennessee a statement game for the Florida Gators. Fans want to believe that this is the game that will give the Gators a chance to win back the mystique that has been gone from The Swamp the last three years or so. No one wants to bring the swagger back to The Swamp more than Todd McCullough who admits something isn't the same anymore.

This is not what McCullough envisioned when he signed with the Gators out of Jacksonville Bolles in 2001. He came to Florida expecting domination in The Swamp and at least a couple of championships. He's a senior now and he's seen his share of home field losses and he has yet to win a championship of any kind. "Not up to my expectations," he said. "To be blatantly honest with you… (we were) not... Recommended Stories

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