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Mullen Sees Confident Team After Win Over UGA

Mullen Sees Confident Team After Win Over UGA

Whoever said that patience is a virtue probably wasn't a University of Florida football fan judging by the critiques of offensive coordinator Dan Mullen in the past three or four weeks. The fans are expecting an offense that hits opponents with blitzkrieg efficiency, leaving the pillaged and plundered in its wake. What they've gotten is rather pedestrian.

When the season began, fan expectations were for an offense that would light up the scoreboard for 40 or 50 points a game, not the 25.9 per game overall and meager 17.7 points that Florida has averaged in six Southeastern Conference games. In SEC games against four ranked opponents, the Gators have scored exactly five touchdowns and five field goals, and for the most part, those touchdowns haven't... Recommended Stories

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