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RECRUITING: Is Baldwin Ready To Pick UF?

RECRUITING: Is Baldwin Ready To Pick UF?

While the smell of charcoal burning and food on the grill may make most people salivate, it has just the opposite effect on Darin Baldwin. Hurricanes like Wilma back in October have routinely made their way through south Florida the past couple of years, knocking out electricity and forcing families to do all their cooking on a grill for protracted periods of time. It's happened often enough that Baldwin has had his fill of charcoal grilled food.

(See Darin Baldwin profile) Give him a greasy fast food burger. Give him canned spaghetti in a bowl of frozen fish sticks baked in the oven. Just don't light the charcoal. Wilma was the most recent storm that turned Homestead into a city-wide barbeque pit. "It knocked all the power out for two weeks," said Baldwin, a 5-11, 178-pound defensive back from South Dade High School. "We couldn't see... Recommended Stories

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