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Meyer Says Leak Looks Like "A Different Guy"

Leak coaching up Tebow / CASEY

Number 12 in the red jersey completes the pass to Tate Casey for about five yards, then as Casey is walking back to the huddle he tells him to adjust the route and take it about three yards deeper. A couple of plays later, he scolds a couple of receivers who ran the same route and bumped into each other. Later in the practice, he sprints out to his left, sells the run and then threads the needle with a perfect pass to Cornelius Ingram.

He's more vocal, more demonstrative and he has compacted his throwing motion just a bit so the ball is coming out of his hand with more zip than we've seen it in three years. The spirals have always been perfect but now they are getting to receivers faster and with laser-like precision. No, aliens have not kidnapped Chris Leak to Mars and replaced him with one of their own that's a dead ringer... Recommended Stories

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