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The Junior College Impact

Ron Zook's first season as head coach at Florida is not even done yet and he is already making waves in recruiting that will impact next season. The Gators have decided to go the junior college route this season, landing five big time recruits to fill immediate needs for the spring. Why has Florida dipped this deep into the junior college ranks? How do all these players fit in? What can the impact of this class do to better next season's record? I will answer those questions next.

Why the Junior College Route? Florida needs immediate help and depth especially on the offensive line. To be able to throw the ball down the field, you must be able to protect for three plus seconds. The reason for depth and talent problems on the O-Line stem from the 2000 recruiting class which was ranked number one in the country.  Max Starks, Shannon Snell and Jonathan Colon came from that... Recommended Stories