Bostic Will Be Everywhere

Jon Bostic

Sophomore Florida linebacker Jon Bostic is a fan favorite and it is easy to see why in this interview snippet from his time with the media on Monday. Bostic will play a lot in 2010 and not all of it at middle linebacker where most believe he should play. Bostic talks about that and more in this three minute segment where his bubbling personality really comes out.

Florida LB Jon Bostic is battling with Jelani Jenkins for the starting middle linebacker position but his consolation prize isn't anything to complain about. Bostic has a good chance of getting on the field at any of the LB positions after playing all of them in a rotation during camp. He gets how crucial it is to be well versed in all LB spots in order to ensure playing time. Bostic spoke to the media about the rotation that is synonymous with this group of players. Recommended Stories

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