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Moody Healthy and Going Hard

Emmanuel Moody

The Florida offense seemed to open things up last weekend and at the same time, the inside running game took off. Emmanuel Moody is a big part of that running game and ran for 58 yards on 10 carries on the day. He looked strong and powerful running through tackles, even though he was slightly injured. Moody says this week he is as good as ever and liked the feeling of running well last week.

Emmanuel Moody can be that tough runner that Florida needs in certain situations, but to be that way he needs to be healthy. Right now Moody is feeling well and ready for the big matchup Saturday with No. 1 Alabama. "I'm good right now," Moody told the media Tuesday. "I feel really healthy and it's probably the healthiest I've been all season." Moody broke off a 19-yard run and another for more... Recommended Stories