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This Offense is a Better Fit for Christian

Christian has all the tools

Change is nothing new for Gerald Christian in his year and half he has spent on Florida's campus. He has gone from offense to defense, and back to offense again in 19 months. Through it all his two goals have been to help the team and to get on the football field so he can do just that. Now, he really likes what he is doing and feels with his skill set, he is a great fit for the Florida offense.

A tired and sweaty Gerald Christian joined the Florida media Thursday as they gathered around to hear what he had to say. He understands what this time of year is all about. "I'm worn out, but camp is a big part of getting ready for the season and we have to come together and get ready," Christian said. "It is time to get prepared." Preparation is key for a new offense and a new season and for... Recommended Stories