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Fulfilling a Contract Signed in Blood

Powell is ready to get back to The Swamp

It's been a tough and emotional ride for one of Florida's big time defenders in the star-studded 2012 football recruiting class. Through it all, Jeremi Powell had his doubters, but he also had those that wanted badly for him to succeed. In the end, he had to do the work and Powell got it all done and will arrive in Gainesville on June 26th with the rest of Florida's freshman class.

With all of his football accomplishments and athletic records that Jeremi Powell left behind at Pinellas Park High School, the one that he wants people to remember him for is actually graduating from high school and doing so making the honor role in his final semester. Powell had choices. He could have just put in minimum effort in the classroom like he did in previous years, or he could buckle... Recommended Stories