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Purifoy giving opponents a warning

Purifoy giving opponents a warning

South Carolina punt returner Ace Sanders had his warning. Loucheiz Purifoy, who has turned into an elite gunner for Florida, told Sanders what was going to happen while warming up. ‘You better hold it tight. You're going to be a violator today.' On his second punt return opportunity of the day, Sanders wasn't listening. Trey Burton punched the ball out of his hands for one of three fumbles forced.

Ace Sanders was identified during the week as a ‘violator,' the term Florida defensive coordinator Dan Quinn uses to refer to opposing playmakers that don't handle the ball well. When Purifoy saw Sanders warming up, it looked just like it did on film. The ball was hanging out and away from his body. Purifoy knew what was coming. It was just a matter of when Sanders would put the ball on the... Recommended Stories

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