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Offense Again Emphasizes Gameplan Execution

Offense Again Emphasizes Gameplan Execution

They don't actually ‘vote' on such things. Make no mistake though: Bulldog players absolutely have a say in each week's offensive gameplan. "And when you present a plan to kids they'll let you know if they like it or they don't like it, by practice," Coach Les Koenning said. "When you see the repetition, if it doesn't look very good then obviously you're not going to use that."

Fans frustrated by two weekends and offensive first-half failures likely could stand some reminding, then. That everything Mississippi State has attempted, whether in wins or these consecutive losses, has been approved by staff and squad alike. And practiced accordingly. Because as the coordinator said, if a play doesn't work against the scout team it doesn't make it into Saturday's list of calls... Recommended Stories

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