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Rat's Raves: Pylon 7on Surprises & Young Guys

Bruce Judson

Keiwan Ratliff continues with his thoughts on the Pylon 7on7 tournament this last weekend in Melbourne, Florida. A lot of the region's best prospects were on hand and although he couldn't watch them all, Ratliff got a good look at most of the teams and best players in the tournament. The third part of a 3-part series, he talks now about some guys with little publicity and some younger prospects.

Two Underrated OFFENSE Lenwood Joyner - he was unstoppable. He is maybe quicker than fast but both speeds are above average. Where in 11 on 11 you get penalized for a smaller stature but in 7 on 7 those are the match ups you look for. He's lightning in a bottle. He can take a handoff or short pass and go for 6 in a one hand touch... Recommended Stories