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Is 'Melo To The Mavs Cartoonish?

Is 'Melo To The Mavs Cartoonish?

Carmelo Anthony is an imperfect superstar - as most of them are. But as Dallas is in search of Dirk's heir, 'Melo simply must be on the Mavs' shortlist - especially if they are on his. Inside, a Premium examination of just how cartoonish 'Melo-to-the-Mavs really is.

You -- and the Dallas Mavericks -- have attempted to march down this path before. It goes all the way back to Joe Smith. Was a non-starter with LeBron James. Seemed half-assed with Deron Williams. Went nowhere with Chris Paul. Resulted in bridesmaid status with Dwight Howard. And here we go again. And here we must go again. The smartest available money says Carmelo Anthony (who according... Recommended Stories

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